December 14, 2015

Collector's Edge Website Revamp

We have relaunched our website into something pleasant and joyful. Come back regularly for updates.

December 14, 2015

Massive Storewide Sale.

There is a massive storewide sale going on. Buy more, save more.


Buy $10.00 - $19.99, get 5% off

        $20.00 - $39.99, get 10% off

        $40.00 - $59.99, get 20% off

        $60.00 and up, get 30% off


Wicked sale, great gifts. Be the hero of the celebration.

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Dec 14, 2015


Collector'S Edge Awakens

With the relaunch of the site, we can keep you up to date with the going ons around here. Keep watch for added products and other website joy. Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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We Do Special Orders.

Looking for that special Item that you can't find anywhere else? Big stores can't locate and find that Special Edition Ewok with Kung-Fu Grip, or worse, won't order it for you? We can. Contact us with the item you want, and we will go that extra mile to get it for you. Contact us for further details.

We Do Mail Outs

You live out in the boondocks, away from society, and you need the latest issue of Spider-Cop, Agent Of Mars. There are no stores within 1000 miles, and your sled-bears are hibernating. You have access to the the internet, you can contact us, we can mail out  your requests. If it is in store, fits in a box, and can be legally sent by courier, we can ship it. Contact us for further details.

We Buy, Sell, And Trade

You have something that you don't need anymore, but it is too good to throw away, come see us. We buy, sell, and trade quality merchandise. Music, movies, comics, and more. Some restrictions apply. Contact us for more information.

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