Collector's Edge: The way of the future, or the past?

As a great philosopher once said, "Get off of my foot. That hurts." To which I reminded him that our existence is only a product of our imagination. Hilarity ensued as his imagined fist met my imagined face, and we both ended up in an imaginary hospital. Good times was had by all.

Which still does not address the title of this blog. And while I am talking about Collector's Edge specifically, brick and mortar shops are a part of this discussion, as well.

According to the news, government data, and statistics, the retail business is slowly disintigrating away. The death knell has been sounded, and online shopping is the wave of the future. The ease of buying from your own home, the comfort and convenience of having your products sent to you is hard to beat, especially if moving around is difficult. The advantages of online shopping are too obvious to ignore.

But, what online shopping doesn't offer, is that personal connection. A one-on-one conversation with a living person. Plus, there is that added security of knowing that you will get your product immediately, when you pay for it, instead of hoping that the person, or business, you are purchasing it from online won't rip you off.

There are many other benefits of a physical store over a cyber store that we could cover here. Positive effects on employment, the economy, social engagements. I am going to leave enough room for further discussion. No need to hog the forum.

So comment, correct, speak your mind. While I am not a fan of being politically correct, I do appreciate proper respect in the posts.

Spanks to you all.

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