Lenticular Cover.

1	"Countdown to Armageddon"
2	"Bring the Noise"
3	"Don't Believe the Hype"
4	"Cold Lampin' with Flavor"
5	"Terminator X to the Edge of Panic"
6	"Mind Terrorist"
7	"Louder Than a Bomb"
8	"Caught, Can We Get a Witness?"
9	"Show 'Em Whatcha Got"
10	"She Watch Channel Zero?!"
11	"Night of the Living Baseheads"
12	"Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos"
13	"Security of the First World"
14	"Rebel Without a Pause"
15	"Prophets of Rage"
16	"Party for Your Right to Fight

Public Enemy: It Takes Nations Of Millions...

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